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ResultPal is a delightfully easy-to-use software solution for closing the gap between knowing and doing. Leverage the proven power of practice to develop employees and accelerate business performance.

The ResultPal Success Continuum

How ResultPal Can Help Your Organization

Workplace Behavior


Improve employee performance by converting goals and learning into actionable competencies and real-time success behaviors.

Workplace Habits


Go beyond training and assessments to create ‘on-the-job’ action-learning opportunities for people to practice improving their critical success competencies.



Create communities of practice to provide social feedback, encouragement, and the soft accountability needed for improving organizational performance and results.


It is hard to argue that practice makes perfect. What is really interesting is that practicing people skills within the workplace can create a lasting impact on employee development and company performance. Instead of subjecting employees to the dreaded performance review process, ask them to practice great behavior. The result? Great behavior begets great culture, which in turn, produces higher performance and company results.

ResultPal Mobile

For Performance

Engage and retain your employees. Improve employee performance with year-round performance reviews, conversations, 360º peer feedback, and competency-based development.

For Learning

Empower your learners. Reinforce learned success skills after formal and informal training events.  Increase adoption rates and learning transfer by turning your content into behaviors that produce results.

For Coaching

Enable your coachees to get better results by practicing what they learn. Define quantifiable behaviors that will increase their accountability for results.

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

ResultPal is a web-based solution that drives the right behavior at the right time for top performance.

  • Align Company Goals and Objectives

    Cascade and align goals, from the C-Suite, throughout the organization. Go beyond mere descriptions and create actionable goals that deliver competitive advantage.

  • Enable Constant Feedback and Visibility

    Follow up on year-round goals with an easy, intuitive and collaborative system of performance feedback, reviews and shared accountability.

  • Close the Learning-Doing Gap

    Identify performance gaps, and connect goals to targeted development plans and applied behaviors that will build top performance.

Community of Practice

Build a community of practice that accelerates employee performance, development, and peer accountability.

  • Actionable Competency Architecture

    Leverage a rich library of actionable competencies (or create your own) as the foundation for company-wide performance and development.

  • Continuous Development

    Easily map success competencies to organizational roles and job families as support for year-round, real-time performance and behavior reviews.

  • Lasting Change

    Automate the 10:20:70 rule, which states that community mentoring (20%) and workplace practice (70%) deliver more return on investment than traditional classroom learning (10%).

Real-time Performance & Behavioral Analytics

Enable personal autonomy, self-quantification, and improvement through real-time metrics.

  • Chunked down

    Focus on specific success behaviors that are unique to the individual.

  • Targeted actions

    Link personal development plans to organizational performance results—such as sales—to further confirm alignment of individual and company objectives.

  • Stay engaged

    Keep development plans in focus with automated reminders, spaced reinforcement, and social rewards and recognition.


With ResultPal, employees get a chance to practice and demonstrate mastery of success behaviors that will improve performance and prepare them for career advancement and future, rewarding opportunities. 

  • PRACTICE – Keep track of deliberate practice, real-time progress, and competency-based results.
  • PLANS – Review development plans, gap analyses, and practice status in one easy dashboard.
  • CONVERSATIONS – Engage in continuous, year-round, social performance conversations.
  • RESULTPALS – Connect, share feedback and recognition, and interact socially with workplace ResultPals.
  • REVIEWS – Keep track of goals, performance badges, and real-time, year-round performance reviews.
  • RESULTS – View simple, elegant, and powerful dashboards to understand organizational progress and results.


Michael Papay

ResultPal uses the refreshingly simple power of practice to improve employee, team, and organizational performance.

Michael PapayCEO and co-founderWaggl, a real-time employee feedback platform.
Les Brown

This is a GOLD mine!

Les BrownWorld renowned motivational speakerLes Brown Enterprises
Adam Coe

ResultPal fills a gigantic gap that takes a user from merely identifying development opportunities to the next level of actually executing behavioral excellence in the workplace.

Adam CoeAdministratorGood Samaritan Society
Riz Majumder

ResultPal bridges the yawning gap that exists between strategy and the bottom line performance results of today’s organizations.

Riz MajumderOrganizational Development & Training ManagerState of Texas
Dale Carnegie_bw
e-learning council

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